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In America, a ‘Mega Lawsuit’ says the NFL hid Brain Injury Links.

It is claimed that the National Football League, the body which governs American Football, hid known links Photograph of a helmet worn in American Footballbetween the sport and Brain Injury. The NFL is accused of failing to warn players or impose safety regulations. This case comes as no surprise because the safety of the game has been under scrutiny for several years.  In 2010, Sports Digest published an article asking whether helmets and the game’s rules should be looked at in relation to preventing brain injury.

  The outcome of this case may have implications on other contact sports in the UK, however a study published in the British Medical Journal shows that current helmets worn in rugby do not provide protection against concussion at a junior level.

Click for the link to an article published in Sports Illustrated which explains the current lawsuit.

Click for a Wikipedia page describing concussion in American Football.

Blood test shows promise in diagnosing Traumatic BrainInjury.

There is growing concern regarding the prevalence of mild brain injuryImage of scientist conducting blood test in people exposed to blasts, for example soldiers.  A test for concussion would be valuable because immediate diagnosis could lead to improved treatment and recovery.  The benefits of this would reach beyond the military. Click for the link to Army Times.  This article was published December 2011.





How the Brain Rewires Itself 

Time Magazine reports on a study which suggests that mental practice of an activity creates Image of brain as a mechanical devicesimilar changes in the brain as actual physical rehearsal of the activity.  This is potentially important for ABI rehabilitation.




Hi Definition Fibre Tracking

Click on this link to learn more about this Colourful image of the fibre networks within the brainnew technology to identify broken neural connections.

Or click here for a similar article from CBS news in the US.






Drugs may help to speed recovery after Traumatic Brain Injury 

Photograph of medicine pills spilling from a bottle

This link reports on a study where a drug typically used to treat patients with flu or Parkinsons Disease appeared to speed the recovery in people with brain injury.






Photograph of woman with an ice pack on her head

This link provides information about concussion, explaining some of the myths and facts: Pain in the Brain

Or click here to read about a new study of American Football players which suggests that concussions are caused by a series of hits. “The most important implication of the new findings is the suggestion that a concussion is not just the result of a single blow, but it’s really the totality of blows that took place over the season”.






Assistive Technology for Cognitive Rehabilitation

Image of a man with technology devices circling his headPublished in 2004, this paper describes the ways in which technology can support people in living with a brain injury by increasing their independence.  Of course technology has changed significantly since then with the arrival of smart phones especially, however this paper remains meaningful and is worth a read.  Click here for the paper.






Assistive Technology for Physical Rehabilitation

Photograph of patient and therapist walking with assistive deviceThis report from a US Therapy Centre describes how assistive technology can assist in physical rehabilitation. Click here for the report.












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