Giving a voice to vulnerable people within the Police and Court process.

We work with witnesses or defendants who are deemed to be vulnerable by virtue of a mental disorder or a significant impairment of intelligence or social functioning.

Such as

Acquired Brain Injury

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Foundation Work

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Progressive Neurological Condition

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Learning Disability

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Psychiatric Illness

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Active Case Management

Active Case Management provides intermediaries to work with vulnerable people in the following situation:

  • Accused of a crime and talking to the police
  • Defendants in criminal trials
  • Witnesses or claimant in civil litigation.

An intermediary will facilitate effective communication with a vulnerable person, in doing so maximising their chances understanding or responding clearly to questions asked of them in court as well as the court processes.


The intermediary will complete an assessment of communication functioning and prepare detailed report to explain the difficulties and how others can tailor their communication to best support the vulnerable person.

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Registered Intermediaries for Vulnerable Witnesses

A vulnerable person who has been the victim of a crime or who has witnessed a crime may be able to have support from a registered intermediary. This is one of the “Special Measures” made available to a vulnerable witness under the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence ACT 1999

The Police and the Crown Prosecution Service can make a referral for a Registered Intermediary by calling the witness Intermediary Team on:


Louise Sheffield qualified as a Registered Intermediary 2004 and has since supported many vulnerable individuals in giving evidence to the Police and at Court.

Louise pioneered the role of Intermediary within the Civil Justice System, paving the way for vulnerable people to have their voice heard during civil litigation!

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